Kemberly Warren found objects primitive figures
It is my wish to reflect the layers and dimensions that can occur in a moment, not realistically, but as part of an abstract fleeting impression. We live in a multi dimensional, mutable world. One visually sees something, yet in the instance of seeing, one takes in an impression that may include so much more than just the visual object.

I find the relationship between what is visually seen and the unexpected interpretations and associations that immediately arise out of one's own inner responses fascinating. These can be a myriad of memories, dreams, associations, or projections - all of which create a fleeting impression. Small scale textures, patterns, organic shapes are often greatly enlarged in my paintings and my work tends to be rather large.

I have always found primitive figures interesting and mysterious - reflecting an unknown something about the individual who made them and the influences of culture at the time. I wanted to make figures, like artifacts or the bones that tell a story of a modern life. My found object figures are made from the detritus-- the things that are left behind. They reflect the fungible and disposable aspects of an individual's life.